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Absolute Tenant Check is your one stop shop for all realty screening requirements and offers a wide spectrum of screening services to both the residential and the commercial realty segment.

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Tenant Background Check
Screening the antecedents of a prospective tenant is important. Absolute Tenant Check (ATC) focuses on this critical element by offering an unbiased & in-depth screening report which helps you to take an informed decision before letting out your house. As our client you have the flexibility to either choose a` la carte or pick up one of our well researched customized screening package.
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Buyer/Seller Due Diligence
Real Estate transactions are high value and therefore high risk as well. ATC’s focused due diligence report will greatly mitigate risks for both the buyer and seller.
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Title Search

When you buy a property it is important to conduct a title search which helps determine the following facts:
- Is the seller even authorized to sell?
- Land use details – for example you should not be told later that this is farming/industrial land & you cannot construct your house here.
- Financial details like paying off liens post which ownership rights can be transferred.

ATC works with leading law firms to ascertain the above facts.

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Company Background Check
A decision is prudent when it is backed by facts. Getting into a lease agreement with a company warrants for a thorough background check to ensure the existence of the firm, its financial stability, background of the directors and authenticity of the registered address. ATC’s detailed company background check report ensures that the client has all the facts needed to make a confident decision.
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KYC Check
ATC's KYC (Know your client) Check is an essential risk mitigation tool for Business Centers & Serviced Apartments. Instituting a KYC Check ensures that your highly valued office or apartment space does not harbor a fraudulent company or an individual with a questionable record.
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Realty Employee Screening
ATC’s focus on the realty sector makes it best placed to conduct background checks on real estate professionals. We offer both Pre and Post Employment Screening Solutions which cater to the main concerns of many employers in this sector, such as Data Theft, Client Poaching and Employee Fraud.
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